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Miracle bird!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 1:41 PM
On the eve of the spring holiday of Easter, на территорию ПАО «ТЕМП» a huge sculpture of bird was brought (height of the bird - 3 meters, the area is more than 20 sq.m.)

A well-known Cherkasy craftswoman Olga Berdnik-Otnyakina together with other artists work on Miracle bird. The masters took two colors as a basis: marigold color – orange, and the color of periwinkle – blue-violet. At the heart of the patterns – is the nature of the native land: the waves of the Dnieper, the sun at its zenith, the central sun and the sun that is setting. Therefore, the residents of the city of Cherkasy soon will be able to see the Miracle bird on Cathedral Square. Subsequently, the bird will move to the capital. After the Independence Day, all the birds will remain for a year in a city that will win. And, then, the bird "will fly" to the residence of St. Nicholas in Ivano-Frankivsk. 
On PJSC TEMP, the designers immediately began to develop a support for a bird, and promise that it will be an unusual base, which will emphasize the sophistication and beauty of the future bird.
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