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Laser cutting is one of the most advanced metal processing technologies, which allows a laser beam to cut the metal sheet of different thickness into parts of required parameters. Laser cutting  is more cost-efficient  technology for small batch production compared to stamps production.
Laser cutting in applied in furniture production, engineering, production and storage of construction equipment, metal structures. Laser cutting is also used for engraving. Due to the wide range of materials that can be processed by laser cutting it is possible to create a various decors, interior design solutions and souvenir products.
Advantages of laser cutting:
- High precision metal cutting - tolerances up to +/- 0,1mm,
- High quality metal edge processing - no burrs,
- No need for further machining edges,
- Low material consumption,
- High cutting speed and production capacity,
- Interchangeable table system allows doubling production capacity of the equipment and the output of  high quality laser cut parts.
Laser cutting department is equipped with two Bystronic laser cutters models Bystar and Bysprint, which allow cutting metal with a speed up to 60 m per minute.
Types of processed material:
- carbon steel
- copper
- stainless steel
- aluminum
- hot galvanized sheet
Dimensions of processed metal sheet  - up to 1500x3000mm.
Special rotary appliance enables laser cutting holes in the pipes.
Tube types:
- Round / square / rectangular section.
- Dimensions of the pipe cross section / diameter up to 200mm.
- Length - up to 2000mm

For the preliminary calculation of the cost of laser cutting it is necessary to provide drawings of parts in .dxf file format indicating the material and thickness.
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