Sports playgrounds

Outdoor Grounds PJSC "TEMP" production of - this is a great opportunity to engage oneself in physical exercises in the open air. You can perform exercises for all muscle groups of the body on our exercise equipment that provides a comprehensive approach to trainings.

Separate line - is a specialized exercise equipment for STREET WORKOUT direction, and a series of exercise equipment for people with disabilities.

In the manufacture of exercise equipment and sports units of Grounds, only sound reliable materials of Ukrainian production were used.

A polymer coating that is resistant to atmospheric influences covers extra strong heavy-gauge steel pipes, making up the sports units. This provides an attractive appearance for years to come!  The seats are made of waterproof plywood and covered by a weather-proof coating.

A distinctive feature of Sports Grounds of PJSC "TEMP" production - is an increased vandal resistance. Designed specifically for use in parks, squares and courtyards of common use, the exercise equipment and sports units withstand extreme dynamic loadings.

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