Weight machine "Combo" ТR-18

Weight machine is designed to train the oblique abdominal muscles, back muscles, leg muscles and joints of shins.
Finding feet on a round base and wrapping the holder with hands, the one who is training, performs curves – crunches. When performing exercises on the nearby element, it is necessary to find yourself convenient on the platform and wrapping the holder with hands, perform movements that simulate step. Your own body weight is used as the load. Weight machine is developed for the simultaneous training of two persons. Weight machine is made of steel tubes and painted with polymer paint, which is weatherproof. The construction of weight machine is concreted.

  • Subcategory - Outdoor Fitness
  • Width (mm) - 580
  • Height (mm) - 1680
  • Length (mm) - 1400
  • Weight (kg) - 69
  • Max Load (kg) - 120

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