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Mechanisms of transformation

PJSC "TEMP" produces a wide range of mechanisms of transformation for the seating furniture. In this section, you can choose the different types of mechanisms – «Eurobook», «Puma», «Dolphin», and «Click-Cliak».

«Eurobook» - is the most popular system of the sofa layout. The transformation is carried out by lifting the seat up and toward you, and then lowering to a horizontal position. Plastic washers under the spring warn the creaking when converted, also have the opportunity to complete the mechanism with steel cross traverse, in order to avoid the skewness of the sofa.

«Puma» - mechanism for the sofas, in which the transformation is performed by lifting the seat up and toward you, at the same time, the additional pillow rises up. This mechanism is also equipped with a cross traverse, which is a steel pipe that is attached to the mechanism and prevents warping and breaking-up of the sofa.

«Dolphin» - durable and reliable mechanism refers to the pull-out type systems of converting the sofas, designed for daily sleep. With the minimal effort you convert the sofa into a double bed in two ticks.

«Click-Cliak» - three position rotary mechanism provides two positions for the back of the sofa at different angles - for sitting, and one position - for lying.

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