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Logistic (transport) packaging materials
Logistical packaging materials, production of PJSC TEMP – this is a wide range of metal " pallets" of multiple use, which are used to transport kits, parts for cars, agricultural and other equipment. This kind of product is manufactured using high-strength materials: thick-walled pipes, channels, bars, brand, very often of foreign origin. As lodgements for transportation of spare parts milled polyethylene is used, PVC, stainless steel, particleboard, which provide a secure fit and safe transportation of items on the transport device.
Technological features of production of PJSC TEMP such that we are able to produce complex transport devices and containers by small-scale parties while paying special attention to quality.

Recently executed orders:
- transport device for transporting engines of MERCEDES Actros,
- transport means for transportation of plastic parts for such factories as SEAT, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN,
- logistics container for transportation of door blanks for PORSCHE,
- container for transportation of parts for asphalt surfacing equipment HAMM and others.

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