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Rack And Pinion Wood Splitter BК-528

Rack And Pinion Wood Splitter BК-528 – is the most reliable and high-quality equipment for firewood splitting. The model of Wood Splitter is designed taking into account the loads during long-term operation, but the construction itself is simple and reliable. The Wood Splitter can be used in leskhozes, boilerhouses of low and medium power.
Operation concept:
Splitting is carried out by pressing the handle, interlinking the pinion – the rack moves towards the log, the splitting ax gets into it and splits the log. The fallen logs are collected after the split; the handle is snapped back to its original position, returning the rack back.
Advantages of the Rack And Pinion Wood Splitter БК-528:

- end-of-shift productivity is 15-20 m3 of logs ready

- Wood Splitter splits the flitches of up to 600 mm length and a diameter of up to 500mm

- 380V network is suitable for connecting electric motors

​- ease of construction and maintenance  

  • Подкатегория -
  • Width (mm) - 2210
  • Height (mm) - 1030
  • Length (mm) - 1125
  • Weight (kg) - 240

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