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Sleeping bag

Zip-through sleeping bag, moisture-protective.
 Fabric of bag stitched with polyester fiber creates a comfortable insulation against the cold, soft fabric lining provides comfort and keeps body heat.
- convenient and reliable double-sided "zipper slider" provides easy doing up bag, both inside and outside
- strong ties for the additional fixation
- moisture-proof fabric, stitched shell
- belts with buckles - for fixing while winding-up
- easy folding process
- clips for the laces
- placket that provides an additional protection against the penetration of cold air through the zipper
Fabric of the shell: awing fabrics, water-proof, 100% polyester
Filling: Siliconized polyester fiber
Size of the sleeping bag:
width – 84cm
length with a hood – 232cm
weight - 3,1kg

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