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PJSC «TEMP» - is one of the oldest industrial enterprises of Ukraine founded in 1908.

At present, the enterprise is acknowledged as a leader of the domestic market in regard to the design and manufacture of orthopaedic bedbases and mechanisms of transformation for the furniture.

At this stage, the maximum attention is paid to the development of new products, as well as the improvement of existing goods. 

Major lines of manufacture:

  • - frames for beds and sofas
  • - mechanisms of transformation for the furniture
  • - equipment for Kids Play and Sports Grounds
  • - equipment for Basketball courts and halls
  • orthopaedic and anatomic mattresses on spring box of "Bonnel" type 
  • - textiles (blankets, pillows) 
  • - various metal structures according to individual projects 

Provided services:

high-frequency laser cutting of metal

mechanized arc welding
(robotic welding station)

bending of parts made of the metal sheet

stitching textiles (connection of several layers of textile materials through broaching)

PJSC "TEMP" has the ability to manufacture various metal structures according to drawings or esquisses of the customer of dimensions up to 1000 x 2000 x 4000 mm. 
Both single and serial production orders are accepted. Highly qualified engineers and workers perform them (spinners, scalper operators, technicians, welders, etc.) using modern equipment (including laser cutting and bending of metal sheets, robotic welding, bending of round and shaped pipes etc.).
Metal structures are made of materials that have passed the on-receipt inspection, and are constantly under the strict plant control. To impart esthetics, as well as corrosion resistance, products can be painted with liquid or polymer (powder) paint of any color or hot galvanized.
We are not resting on our laurels and are constantly looking for new opportunities for development and manufacture.
In 2010, the "TEMP" launched the manufacture of Kids Play and Sports Grounds. Fully-featured game sets DSC-3 (sports design playground structures), which include: towers, bridges, swings, roundabouts, horizontal bars, rocking chairs and other items are very popular.
Our Grounds have become a real decoration of Cherkasy city, and now bring joy to the kids in many other corners of Ukraine. In addition, PJSC "TEMP" produces Outdoor exercise and Sports equipment under Street workout, designed to train the muscles of the back, legs, press, torso, shoulders, and chest muscles.
Manufacture of equipment for basketball halls and grounds is gaining prominent momentum. The list of products includes folding racks, basketball backboards, cushioning basketball hoops, supports for backboards, bindings, handball gates with a shield, grandstands (pull-out, sliding, fixed). All structures are made of high quality steel and painted with polymeric paint. 
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