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PJSC "TEMP" has the ability to manufacture various metal structures according to drawings or esquisses of the customer of dimensions up to 1000 x 2000 x 4000 mm.
Use the proposed form, describe the terms of reference and send to our experts. After studying your request, we will contact you and offer our decision.

Both single and serial production orders are accepted. Highly qualified engineers and workers perform them (spinners, scalper operators, technicians, welders, etc.) using modern equipment (including laser cutting and bending of metal sheets, robotic welding, bending of round and shaped pipes etc.).
Metal structures are made of materials that have passed the on-receipt inspection, and are constantly under the strict plant control. To impart esthetics, as well as corrosion resistance, products can be painted with liquid or polymer (powder) paint of any color or hot-dip galvanized.
To the category of special orders that were executed and performed at PJSC "TEMP" refers:

-  manufacture of logistical-type packages

-  manufacture of containers

-  manufacture of special vehicles conveying appliances for transportation of parts, spare parts, components of cars. 

This kind of products is manufactured using high-strength materials: heavy-walled pipes, channels, bars, tee-forms, often - of foreign origin. Coverage - polymeric paint, hot galvanized. Milled polyethylene, PVC, stainless steel, chipboard, which provide a secure fit and safe transportation of items at the conveying appliances, are used as a cradle trucks for transportation of parts.
Technological peculiarities of PJSC TEMP production are such that we are able to produce complex vehicles conveying appliances and containers in small-lot batches.
Our latest orders – conveying appliances for transportation of engines of MERCEDES Actros, conveying appliances for transportation of plastic parts for the factories of SEAT, AUDI.

Because of quality and timely manufacture of products, all of our contracts were prolonged for the year 2015. 
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