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The following services are provided at the facilities of PJSC "TEMP»:


High-frequency laser cutting of metal

The «Bystar» laser station allows to cut parts of various configurations to a high precision out of sheet metal with thickness up to 25 mm. Maximum size of the sheet is 1500х3000 mm. In addition, the station can process pipes with a diameter up to 315 mm and wall thickness up to 25 mm and cut shaped holes in it.

Laser Cutting System «Bystronic» allows cutting the parts of different configuration from sheet metal with the thickness up to six mm to a high precision. Maximum size of a sheet is 1250 x 2500 mm.  


Mechanized arc welding (robotic welding station)

Welding robot «Panasonic» is used. The use of industrial welding robot is particularly relevant at welding of large parts, long lines, welding in confined spaces, in the manufacture of welds with high demands to quality and mechanical properties of the welded joint


Bending of parts made of the metal sheet

Metal sheet bending machine «Gasparini» allows carrying out the bending of length up to 2000 mm at any angle and to a high precision.


Stitching textiles (connection of several layers of textile materials through broaching)

«Paragon M4»
Here we stitch the fabric with such fillers as thermally bonded polyester batting, non-woven fabric, wool or cotton (to create the effect of «Winter-Summer»), polyurethane foam. Using this equipment one can stitch the layers with different fillings and pictures - in a machine database there are 120 pictures of different complexity. The finished stitched cloth is formed into a coil.
The maximum width of materials is 240 cm.
Thickness - up to 6 cm 

This equipment enables to stitch the fabric with fillers of the thickness up to 5 cm. Cloth, quilting cotton, foam and fleece are conveyed from coils on the work surface, and after the stitching are cut into layers in order of size.
The maximum width of materials is 220 cm

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